Marketing Your Property for Sale

At Millsopps our highly experienced staff will guide you through every aspect of your house sale; from the initial valuation and pricing, to advice on the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) and conveyancing. We will help you every step of the way.

Operating in the highly competitive West Norfolk area, we pride ourselves on offering realistic valuations. Our aim is to strike the right balance between getting the best possible price for you and successfully competing within the market. Our ethos is never to over-value a property in order to gain business.

Choosing your agent is an important decision…

The methods both buyers and sellers use to find a property are changing. The use of local newspapers and magazines are being gradually replaced with the use  of the internet and social networking sites. We are always moving with the times an incorporating the latest methods of marketing for your property. However Millsopps are also committed to traditional advertising methods.

Our 12 point plan

  1. Full colour brochures
  2. Floor plans for every property.
  3. No Sales – No Fee.
  4. Email and Postal alerts to all buyers letting them know about your property.
  5. Rightmove and other property internet sites.
  6. Millsopps website  –
  7. 24hr TV screens in our town center office, constantly marketing your property to potential buyers.
  8. Newspaper advertising.
  9. Highly distinctive For Sale boards.
  10. Our Facebook page –
  11. Regular Rightmoves reports.
  12. Prominent office location within Kings Lynn.


Energy Performance Certificate

An EPC is required when a building is constructed, rented or sold. A building will need an EPC if it has a roof and walls and uses energy to ‘condition an indoor climate’. This means it has heating, air conditioning or mechanical ventilation. For example, a garden shed would not need an EPC if it doesn’t have any heating. The building can either be a whole building or part of a building that has been designed or altered to be used separately. If a building is made up of separate units, each with its own heating system, each unit will need an EPC.

Feedback to Sellers

Once marketing is underway, Millsopps appreciate that Sellers wish to be kept updated on progress. As such, we offer both an online tracking service and a monthly progress report.

Most importantly, when a property has been viewed, we request feedback from the potential buyer and report back immediately to the property owner.

As a Seller, you will never be in doubt that Millsopps staff are working hard on your behalf.

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